Mind, Body, Spirit

Westward BoundAnd I’m off…but I didn’t take the trip lightly. There was a lot of planning and preparation to get ready for this adventure.

Starting with the body – during the month of August, I did a 21 day detox program with the help of my friend and Chiropractor/Health Advisor, Brenda Sahlin. Brenda gave me a program that through supplements and diet, I was able to rid my body of toxins and bad behaviors to get my physically ready for the trip. The worst part was the withdrawal from caffeine! But I have to say, I never felt better and am happy that I did it.

Next was getting my head (or mind) into the right place through planning. Yes, it did involve a trip to AAA for a trip tix. If you have AAA, they do so much more than road side assistance! That was a huge help in getting an overview of the trip and planning out my days and visits. I also bought a new car – my little Acura was 10 years old so I am driving a new Ford Escape. A great part of this trip is that I get to visit so many of my friends that I know all across the country. I am looking forward to seeing their homes and catching up with their families. A large part of my journey will be spent with friends and family along the way. I’m very lucky…and grateful, which leads me to…

Spirit – it takes a lot of faith in myself and God and humanity to venture out there. Part of the adventure is the unknown, and I will rely on my intuition and awareness to be safe.

I left New Jersey on September 26. If you are watching this blog, you will see posts a few days after I’ve been somewhere and not in real time.

I’d love to hear from you as I’m on the road – there will be many hours in the car! Feel free to comment here or on my Facebook page!

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